Berlin Transgression

Directed by Q. Lei, Yuki Terada

Berlin Transgression is a collection of untold stories of lovelorn queens of Berlin fighting to tear down a new, invisible wall which is the basis of our isolation. The film documents how the transvestite, transgender and transsexual artists struggle between two genders, two identities, two lives. It sheds light on the life of the artists who perform mainly at gay bars and fetish clubs. We followed our main characters not only to back-stage but also to their homes where they opened up their hearts about their deepest dreams and desires.


「柏 林邊界」是關於柏林牆倒塌後25年,仍在柏林掙扎著尋找愛,推翻人與人之間“柏林牆”的變裝者和跨性別者群體的故事。紀錄片中的主角們大多數 都擁有一份位於社會底層的日常工作。夜裡,他們在柏林當地的同性戀酒吧進行變裝表演。這些小小的舞台,是變裝者們為了生存而辛苦工作後,真我 活著的地方。電影紀錄了他們在兩種生活,兩個性別之間的徘徊,他們生存在“自由社會”中的“不自由”,在滿足自己最基本的生活需求,以及對夢 想、激情和愛的渴望之間的掙扎。這是一群生活在柏林邊緣的人。
 本片的創作是為了揭示人與人之間的隔閡,孤立的“柏林牆”。這些變裝者自我解放的實踐,正是在對自由主義社會中愈顯嚴厲的社會規範提出挑戰。通過 對柏林的真實寫照,對自由市場、自由主義與社會控管暴力之間的關係進行探討,並重新審視冷戰結束後西方自由主義的歷史進程。


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Media Coverage:

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Berlin Transgression is featured in:


 2016,  14th January 14:30-

Anthro-film Laboratory 18

National Museum of Ethnology, Japan


The discussion will focus on the post-production of the film. For more information please visit: 

2015,  16th June 14:00-16:00

A chronicle of Berlin's Drag Scene

Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Landoltweg 9-11, 14195

The discussion will focus on the topics of normative violence, transsexuality, transgender, transvestism, freedom and liberalism, as well as the political landscape of post-1989 Berlin. The entire film crew will be there to share with you our 10-minute teaser, followed by a Q&A session.
Free admission. Open to the public.  

2014, October: the documentary project was launched 

Location: Berlin, Germany

Crew Members

Directors: Q. Lei, Yuki Terada

Producer: Moritz Wessendorff

Director of Photography: Jakob Seemann

Production Designer: Reelika Ramot

Editor: Julia Peyron

Co-Editor: Sven Dittgen

Music Composer: Neta Shimoni

Logo Designer: Dora Petrova

All production stills are credited to Reelika Ramot

Lead Characters: Absinthia Absolut, Erna Pachulke, Kaey, Tima die Göttliche, Ichgola Androgyn, Anna Bolika, Esra Valkyrie, Bambi Mercury



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